Beyond Dreams Music Publishing is the publishing company that licenses and manages Daniel Hamuy and Keysound Productions music library, scores and classes.

Music library available for licensing

We provide an easy synch licensing solution since we own both the publishing and master recordings of our tracks.

Are you trying to license something that it is extremely expensive and are looking for something in particular that you cannot afford? We can create it and produce it for you at a reasonable price. We find creative alternatives that will fit your budget.
We have saved directors, producers and music supervisor time and large amounts of money when they could not afford to license master recordings!

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Note: Tracks available for licensing are only the ones marked with a shopping cart to the right of the name.

NameComposerArrangerInstrumentationTempoArtist - GroupPhotoAudioPRICEORDER
Fuga 9Astor PiazzolaD. HamuySax QuartetLoose Pipes Sax Qt. $39.95
Fuga y MisterioAstor PiazzolaD. HamuySax QuartetLoose Pipes Sax Qt. $39.95
Verano Porte?oAstor PiazzolaD. HamuyPiano & SaxPaul Brodie Sax Solo Tour $22.95
Milonga del AngelAstor PiazzolaD. HamuyPiano & SaxPaul Brodie Sax Solo Tour $19.95
LibertangoAstor PiazzolaD. HamuyPiano & SaxPaul Brodie Sax Solo Tour $19.95
OblivionAstor PiazzolaD. HamuyPiano & Sax

Film Music Seminar-Workshop

Daniel has been a mentor and lecturer for NALIP for over 9 years. He also organized several music panels for their annual conferences.
In addition, he gave a film music seminar to directors and producers at their Latino Producers Academy and new Latino Lens program.
Some of the topics the presentation covers are:
– General considerations before thinking of music
– Purpose of film music (psychology).
– Temp tracks.
– Types of music and applications.
– Chronological timeline of the music process.
– Spotting session and when to use music.
– Conceptualizing the score.
– Technical issues and delivery formats.
– Role of music editor and music supervisor.
– Post production flow chart.
– Music budget consideration.
– Music copyright and licensing.
– Sync licensing terms and fees.